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We would like to emphasize that Binance gift cards can and shall only be redeemed through Binance's official website. We strongly advise against attempting to redeem Binance gift cards elsewhere, as websites not owned and operated by Binance may pose risks to your security and may not provide legitimate products or services.

Please, contact us immediately through the available communication channels in case you identify third-party providers (other than Binance) that request redemption codes for Binance gift cards or other suspicious activities, in relation to the above

info Important notice

From 10 April 2024 Binance Gift Card Denomination will be capped at 500 USDT equivalent per card. This means that you will only be able to create gift cards at a maximum of 500 USDT or equivalent (if denominated in other cryptocurrencies) in value per card. Your daily creation volume and card number limits will remain the same.

Binance Gift Cards created from 10 April 2024, will have an expiry date of 6 months from the date which the card has been created. This means if a card is created on 1 May 2024, the expiry date shall be 1 November 2024. The card must be redeemed no later than the expiry date of 1 November 2024 or it would be rendered invalid.

  1. In the event that a card expires, the remaining gift card value can be refunded if the card creator submits a manual request to Binance within 6 months from the date of expiry, which in the above example shall be no later than 1 May 2025.
  2. The card creator must provide justification for the manual refund request.
  3. Upon Binance's review and approval, Binance shall process the refunds of the remaining gift card value (excluding minting fee) to the card creator's Binance wallet minimally after 2 months from the request date.
  4. Cards created before 10 April 2024 will not have an expiry date and remain active.

Binance USDT

When one opts to buy Binance gift cards, they are granted the freedom provided by a wide range of crypto currencies made easily accessible through the platform's secure and user-friendly environment. Add to that the aspect of competitive trading fees, and Binance stands out as an attractive choice for those seeking a reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

The Binance shopping cart feature, a reflection of a traditional e-commerce experience, facilitates the purchase of a wide range of products, such as crypto vouchers, game cards like Apex Legends, and even Amazon gift cards. The process of combining digits and letters to create a unique gift card code is an innovative approach that underscores Binance's commitment to user experience.

Understanding the process to redeem the Binance Gift Card is straightforward. Upon receipt, one must locate the gift card code, enter this code — the 16-character sequence combining digits and letters — into their Binance account, and select the option to redeem it directly to the Binance funding wallet. By employing bank transfers and other payment methods, users can buy crypto with ease.

For gamers and mobile enthusiasts, Binance ensures that select options like mobile recharges are available. Those gifted with a Binance Gift Card USDT can dive into the world of mobile games. These selections cater to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone finds something to their liking on the platform.

The Binance platform offers an enriched trading experience with low trading fees and a plethora of payment methods, including the streamlined bank transfer process. When you buy Binance Gift Cards, you are purchasing more than just currency; you are gaining access to a suite of services and products. From mobile games to Apex Legends, from Amazon gift cards, crypto voucher to the ability to buy crypto, the select options are vast.

Binance, as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, continuously innovates to enhance user experience, particularly through the integration of the Binance Gift Card. The uniqueness of the Binance Gift Card lies in its code, a 16-character sequence combining digits and letters. This card code sets it apart, embodying both security and convenience within the crypto universe. Notably, Binance Gift Cards can be redeemed easily by recipients — a simple act of adding the gift card code within the Binance account leads to funds being transferred to the funding wallet.

How To Redeem:

  1. Log into your Binance account.
  2. Tap [Profile] [Gift Card].
  3. Once you’re on the Gift Card page, tap [Redeem] [Redeem to Crypto].
  4. Enter the gift card code and tap [Add].