STC Quicknet Gift Cards

Unleash the Power of Connectivity with STC Quicknet Gift Cards

Experience seamless internet access, empower your loved ones' digital lives, and stay connected with the world around them with STC Quicknet Gift Cards, the ideal present for tech-savvy individuals, internet enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to enhance their online connectivity. These gift cards grant access to STC's extensive network, providing reliable and fast internet speeds for a seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming experience.

With STC Quicknet Gift Cards, you can:

  1. Connect to High-Speed Internet: Enjoy the benefits of STC's extensive network, providing reliable and fast internet speeds that cater to your loved ones' online needs, whether they're streaming videos, downloading files, or engaging in online gaming.
  2. Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere: Empower your loved ones to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues, regardless of their location, with STC Quicknet's wide coverage and reliable network performance.
  3. Enhance Productivity and Online Activities: Enable seamless online activities, from working remotely to attending online classes, with the stability and speed provided by STC Quicknet, ensuring a productive and efficient online experience.
  4. Gift the Essence of Connectivity: Share the joy of seamless internet access with loved ones, enabling them to stay connected, informed, and entertained, making the most of their digital lives.

How to redeem STC Recharge card?

You can recharge STC Sawa through different methods:

  1. Dial *155*  → enter your recharge voucher number → press # then Call
  2. Send SMS message to 900 with: Recharge number (space) 155
  3. Call 1500, and select recharge from the list, then insert the recharge card code
  4. Using MyStc application for smart devices
  5. Through Sawa website my.stc.com.sa/
  6. Using Sawa recharge page, then enter your mobile number and your code www.stc.com.sa/wps/wcm/connect/english/individual/mobile/prepaid/Charging-Sawa

How to recharge monthly sawa packages and sawa plus packages:

Press *755* → followed by your recharge card number → then press # then call

How to charge sawa from postpaid:

  1. Send a message to (900) containing (*144*).
  2. Enter the Sawa mobile number that you want to recharge.
  3. Add (*) then type the amount value and add (#).

How to check sawa balance:

To check the balance - dial *166#