REI $20

REI $20

REI $20

$ 20

About REI $20 cards

REI $20 cards are more than just a present – they're a ticket to unforgettable experiences and outdoor gear that fuels your passions. Whether you're a seasoned hiker scaling mountains, a casual camper seeking weekend escapes, or a fitness enthusiast exploring new trails, REI has something for everyone.

Here's what an REI card unlocks:

Top-quality outdoor gear: From tents and backpacks to hiking boots and climbing equipment, REI offers an unparalleled selection of trusted brands and expert advice. Experiences that ignite your soul: Embrace the outdoors with guided hikes, kayaking trips, rock climbing lessons, and more. Apparel for every adventure: Discover clothing and footwear designed for comfort, performance, and style, no matter the activity. Community and inspiration: Connect with fellow adventurers, learn new skills, and discover hidden gems through REI's events, workshops, and online resources.

the perfect adventure:

For the seasoned outdoorsman: Fuel their next expedition with a card to upgrade their gear or experience a new adventure. For the budding explorer: Spark their love for the outdoors with a card to try a new activity or outfit their first camping trip. For the eco-conscious friend: Support sustainable practices by gifting an REI card, a company committed to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship.

More than just a store:

REI is a cooperative owned by its members, meaning your card contributes to a community dedicated to the outdoors and responsible recreation.

Give the of adventure, exploration, and lasting memories with an REI card.