Sawa Packages Gift Cards

Embrace Affordable Connectivity with Sawa Packages Gift Cards

Stay connected with friends, family, and the world around you with Sawa Packages Gift Cards, the ideal present for budget-conscious individuals, value seekers, and anyone seeking affordable and reliable mobile communication. These gift cards grant access to Sawa's prepaid mobile plans, offering a range of voice, SMS, and data options to suit diverse communication needs and budgets.

With Sawa Packages Gift Cards, you can:

  1. Enjoy Affordable Mobile Communication: Experience the benefits of Sawa's prepaid mobile plans, designed to provide affordable and reliable connectivity without the hassle of contracts or hidden charges.
  2. Stay Connected with Voice and SMS: Stay in touch with loved ones through voice calls and SMS messages, ensuring you can always connect with those who matter, regardless of your location or budget.
  3. Access Data for Everyday Online Activities: Enjoy essential data packages for browsing, checking emails, and accessing social media, keeping you connected to the online world without breaking the bank.
  4. Gift the Flexibility of Choice: Empower your loved ones to choose the Sawa mobile plan that best suits their individual needs and communication preferences, ensuring they receive a gift that is both practical and valuable.

How to redeem

1-  Dial 155- followed by the 14 digit code on your Sawa card.

2-  Press the call button.

3-  You will receive a confirmation message once the card is successfully redeemed.